About us

"Delivering Intelligent BrightGreen   Solutions to improve the Places where we Live, Learn, Vacation, Work and Play."

"BrightGreen means merging innovation, technology, design, creativity and entrepreneurial drive to sustain a 21st century lifestyle while not compromising the future of a clean, sustainable earth." .

Times have changed, and will continue to shift faster as there is greater competition for our finite earth resources. Today, our economy is facing a difficult road ahead; energy prices continue to increase, our dependency on foreign oil is a serious crutch, and public and private entities are scrutinized and labeled as good or bad corporate citizens depending on their stance with regards to sustainabiltiy.


 "To survive organizations must put sustainability at the center of their business philosophy... AND.. Intelligent-Energy management is an imperative." .

Investing in smart, monitored, measured, energy-efficiency projects in your buildings can deliver attractive financial returns.

In addition to reducing energy costs, organizations motivated to implement energy efficiency programs, will benefit from an enhanced public image where corporate social responsibility has become a strategic imperative .